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Radisphere is a standards-based national radiology group. Our foundational belief has always been that radiology must be accountable to defined standards that improve patient outcomes and lower the cost of care by eliminating errors, variation and waste across the health system. Over the past 12 years, we built a set of software enabled services to help our practice achieve high compliance against standards and deliver care to geographically distributed regions. We are now launching a new software company to deliver these technology solutions to health systems and their existing radiologists to enable them to identify and eliminate clinical variation in radiology while managing the shift towards value-based care.

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Mission & Values

Radisphere Radiology aims to reduce waste, errors and variation in healthcare systems to enhance quality and value while reducing costs.

We review various tools to help healthcare practices and hospitals to achieve their goals of improving the quality of care. With the information and resources we gather and share on our platform, healthcare providers can eliminate variations and errors in their processes.

We recommend five major steps in enhancing the quality of care. They include:

  • Defining patients and their needs, including the capabilities of processes involved being measured. Healthcare providers also determine their goals and objectives in relation to the patient.
  • Measuring expected outcomes and determining patient data required to measure treatment efforts. Some metrics often used for performance definition include service cost and level, clinical excellence and patient satisfaction.
  • Data collection and analysis using recommended and proven tools.
  • Deploying modifications or changes to enhance the processes involved and thus care.
  • Performance monitoring and control to maintain care improvement.

The information, resources and studies we provide can help healthcare organization to enhance patient care in the following ways:

  • Improving turnaround times in laboratories
  • Reducing errors that nurses, physicians and technicians tend to make
  • Reducing the number of steps in the supply chain
  • Reducing wait times during appointments
  • Improving patient care and outcomes

Quickening insurance claims reimbursements.


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