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Our Solutions for Health Systems

Radisphere’s Radiology Enterprise Management (REM) solutions enable health systems that are thinking about the shift towards value to measure and improve their enterprise-wide radiology performance. They allow health systems to establish a common set of radiology standards, gain transparency into performance, and ensure compliance. As a result, health systems are able to eliminate errors, variation, and waste across the enterprise, improving the overall quality and cost of patient care.

Radiology Solutions & Management

Our REM solutions include cloud-based technology and are packaged as two distinct service offerings, RadVision and RadPerform.

RadVision services enable systems to:

  • Create complete transparency into performance against enterprise-wide standards
  • Establish statistically significant, unbiased quality data for true comparisons
  • Establish internal and national benchmarking and analytics
  • Identify clinical variation across the system and opportunities for optimization

RadPerform services enable systems to:

  • Actively manage performance and leverage scale to eliminate clinical variation
  • Reduce labor costs through prospective capacity planning and resource allocation
  • Reduce unnecessary utilization with real-time decision support by place of service
  • Reduce downstream cost in a population health environment
  • Facilitate the timely communication of critical findings and consultations
  • Access national teleradiology networks as needed to optimize compliance to standards

These services are built upon a cloud-based workflow management technology platform that enables a common worklist and reporting structure across all system facilities and providers. They are delivered on top of and agnostic to existing technology (i.e., PACS, RIS, EMR) and radiology groups. Systems can manage their radiology enterprise in an integrated fashion and optimize performance to improve quality of care in identified opportunity areas, manage unnecessary utilization, and reduce downstream medical costs.

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Dave Ispherer

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