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Despite its importance to hospital economics and patient care, radiology lags substantially behind other healthcare practices in terms of quality standards. Without comprehensive or consistent quality standards, it is nearly impossible for the practice of radiology to be held accountable for superior, let alone good, service.

Through the direction of the Radiology Quality Institute, Radisphere has integrated the industry’s most stringent performance standards into our care model. In fact, we are pushing the level of accountability within the industry through our 100% commitment to these standards. We not only hold our radiology services accountable to diagnostic accuracy, appropriate utilization and service level excellence; but we also enable system-wide accountability to these standards through our radiology enterprise management solutions.

Our Radiology Performance Standards are:

  • Final Reports: Improve accuracy and consistency with final reports 24×7, standardized templates and diagnostic checklists
  • Turnaround Time: Deliver final reports within contracted TATs
  • Communication: Provide consultations and proactive communication of critical findings within 60 minutes
  • Specialization: Provide complete subspecialty coverage and ensure all complex and high-risk imaging is read by the appropriate subspecialist
  • Diagnostic Accuracy: Maintain a <2% error rate with comprehensive quality programs that include prospective peer review of all studies and concurrence review of high risk studies
  • Utilization: Analyze utilization data by physician, site of care and modality and maintain a <10% follow-up imaging rate
  • By establishing best practice criteria and setting standards by which to measure the performance of radiologists and radiology providers, the entire practice of radiology is elevated to a new level of value to referring physicians, hospitals at large, and the entire health system. As a result, health systems can better evaluate and manage the performance of their radiology enterprise to ensure radiologists are providing the best service to referring physicians and hospitals are providing the best service to patients.

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