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What is Radiology?
Radiology is a science where the excessive energy radiation is used for the treatment of disease. In a simpler term, it is actually a medical illustration by using ionizing radiation. The most common of all radiological procedures are x-ray, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasound.

The preparatory fact for any Radiology Test
For any test the diagnosis is to happen, there is no specific preparation. It is just that you have to think on a matter that which body part will be scanned. And as per the requirement, the clothing is to be worn.

The metal objects should be removed so as not to interfere with the results. If the test requires you to fast for some time; your doctor will let you know in advance. After all the tests and examination things can be taken as normal as usual.

Just a matter of fact is one should reach 20 minutes before the test. Eat all meals as normal, prescribed by the doctor. Never forget the medication, if any, before and after any test.

Is there any Health Issue?
Definitely, there is a radiation that comes out of the machine and that is getting absorbed. So, this definitely is harming the body to some extent. Though there is no direct proof of radiation causing cancer (like someone claim) there can be some skin disease or hair loss or damage to human cells.

Shower — before or after
Taking shower is one common thing that never needed a doubt. It is one’s own decision of whether or not to take shower during or after the radiology tests. Taking before is not a mandate but after the tests become necessary for an individual as during the tests so much of medical ointment is put on the body that one, obviously, won’t like it after the test. Take into consideration also the type of your shower which can determine your shower experience. There may be some types of shower are looking sleek or beautiful physically but doesn’t function well.

Sometimes during the MRI, the doctors ask to undress and then the checkup is being carried forward. In those cases taking shower is one’s own decision as no one would like to be like the way it was checked, throughout the day. A shower is not required before or after an X-ray. As no such ointment or lotion is being put on the body and patients are dry and usual.

The point is, taking showers after the radiology test is neither forbidden nor made a mandate. There is no medical proof of either of the thing. Being the patient, depending on the situation, you can better decide whether or not to go for the shower. A hot shower or a cold shower can be a confusing brainstorming but, hot showers can be taken into consideration as this will not only keep the body but will also keep it fresh and active as so much will be done during tests.

The doctors can also give their take on this query as after the check up you can directly ask them about the doubt and depending on the medical situation they will better tell you about what all precautions are required after the radiology test.